Marc Haine

Marc is a customer experience expert, keynote speaker, consultant, and author of Lights! Camera! Action! With 35 years of experience in hospitality, retail, and other customer-facing industries, Marc has created unique frameworks to help organizations build lasting connections to become THE brand of choice. Marc’s energetic, humorous, and authentic delivery makes him relatable and fun. […]

Kimberly Lyall – Grit and Grace!

In a world that is weary and needing inspiration, Kimberly creates hope for a positive way forward. After surviving a childhood of dysfunction and poverty, Kimberly became a CEO at the age of 26 years, only to have an employee commit fraud and then die by suicide. She rebuilt the organization into a powerhouse, only […]

Alison Canavan

Alison Canavan was named one of the top 8 transformational coaches in the US by USA Today for 2021. She believes that we are all incredibly powerful and have infinite potential. She teaches people how to overcome adversity, navigate challenging times and reduce stress using breathwork, meditation and mindset techniques. Her focus is on 360 […]

Captain Dave Gillespie

Captain Dave Gillespie

Captain Dave Gillespie is a renowned author, speaker, and professional Fire Captain, widely recognized for his expertise in helping people manage high-stress situations that come with high risks and consequences. With 27 years of front-line experience in extreme stress and access to the latest research and evidence-based practices used by police, special forces, aviators, and […]

Seamus Evans

Seamus was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and ADHD at the age of 10. Feeling incredibly bored and disengaged at school, Seamus was more interested in making people laugh and distracting the class. As a result of not taking school seriously, Seamus failed school and hated hard physical labour so was stuck with limited career options. […]

Brandi Heather

Brandi Heather is an award-winning educator and conference keynote speaker with 25 years of lived experience and expertise in disability inclusion, mental health, and therapeutic play. From college professor to CEO, she inspires creative, informative and humorous solutions for today’s ever-changing workplace. She specializes in promoting workplace mental health and wellness, inclusion, engagement and stress […]

Randall Craig, CFA, FCMC, CSP, HoF

Randall Craig is a Hall of Fame business speaker who has founded several successful start-ups, held a long-time position at a “big-four” consulting firm, and was a senior executive at an American public company.  He has helped over 100 organizations rethink their approach to marketing, growth – and build better relationships – using his unique […]

Susan Gingras Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP

International speaker and author Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP, has decades of experience working with education and business communities to maximize human potential in the learning & growth space. Susan’s neurodivergence was diagnosed the same day as one of her children. The doctor said, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” She understands dyslexia, ADHD, […]

Lynn O’Dowd

Lynn O’Dowd is a funny and engaging motivational speaker, entertainer, and professional keynote performer. She injects fun, humor and musical entertainment into conferences and events while delivering a high level of content that inspires audiences to risk new levels of passion, performance and courage. In this refreshingly-different and audience-favorite keynote experience, Lynn combines the transformational […]