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Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe’s credentials are impressive. Insider Magazine dubbed him “The Guru of Creativity” and readers of Convention & Meetings Magazine chose him as one of their favorite speakers along with other celebrities including Bill Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Condoleezza Rice and Daniel Pink. He is a creativity and customer experience expert, professional speaker and bestselling author who works with companies and organizations who want to increase their bottom line by changing their customer experience and retaining great talent.

After having started and sold three successful businesses, Tobe founded Coloring Outside the Lines in 1994 and since then has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from ones with less than 20 employees to Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, PepsiCo, Bank of America, ReMax International and many more!

Jeff Tobe’s most requested VIRTUAL or LIVE programs focus on CREATIVITY/INNOVATION, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. His high-energy, high-fun and high-content programs create the ideal presentation for any kind of corporate or educational forum.

Jeff’s articles have been read in hundreds of publications and he is the author of the hugely popular book, Coloring Outside The Lines. He is the co-author of three other books and his newest book, The CX Edge; Customer Experience Questions to Help You ATTRACT, KEEP and WOW Customers is quickly becoming one of the hottest business books on the market. He is also the creator of the Touch Point Focus initiative in which he takes organizations through a one year CX journey to make them the Employer of Choice AND the Vendor of Choice in their industry.

Programs By Jeff Tobe, M.Ed, CSP

This high-energy, participatory, humorous session has received outstanding reviews from diverse groups around the world. Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe, challenges you to step outside your comfort zone in positioning yourself more creatively than ever before. He provides the insight you require to give yourself the ‘competitive edge’ for which you strive in your industry/profession today!To be effective in today’s marketplace, you must force yourself to look at your organization’s EXPERIENCE from a different perspective. Tobe is not just entertaining—he provides real ‘tools’ to creatively ENGAGING your internal and external stakeholder. With the push to competitive advantage in the marketplace, Jeff encourages people to stop competing on customer service!He believes in the power of creativity to look at business from a new perspective and accept that customer service is no longer the bar that distinguishes us from our competitors. We now have to consider our internal and external customers’ EXPERIENCES from the minute they make contact with us to the minute they are done! Jeff encourages you to “start considering every one of your TOUCH POINTS–those opportunities you or your people have to affect the customer/stakeholder experience. Allow people to ‘tweak’ their own touch points and, collectively, change the experience.He addresses the concept of seeing the world through their eyes—from their perspective! Most important, his sessions are upbeat, interactive and FUN!
“Only 50% of workers in the U.S. are committed to and engaged in their work” State of the American Workforce report / Gallup 2014In this presentation, Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe DOES NOT ask you to marry him!! What he does is make you aware of how important it is to get people engaged at what they do every day. Business is changing at lightning speed. What if we looked internally to make it easier externally? In other words, what if we considered how to get our selves, our team and our stakeholders more engaged at what they do so that it will ultimately have an impact on the ‘customer’ experience? In his usual high-energy, high-humor and high-content style, Jeff walks audiences through the “Four Pillars of Engagement”…CreativityCuriosity may have killed the cat but it’s the one resource that most successful professionals have discovered that they need to foster in their team. Creativity leads to innovation and, as you may already know, this has been Jeff’s passion and focus for 20+ years! To get people invested in your organization, you have to encourage them to be more curious in looking for alternative solutions, being incredible problem solvers and in asking the right kinds of questions of their internal and external customers.CommitmentCommitment is at the heart of every successful organization, and commitment is always about relationships. It’s about commitment to the customer EXPERIENCE by examining every “touch point” we have; any opportunity we have to impact that experience! Gain a competitive advantage with trustworthy leaders, loyal team managers and clients who commit to the integrity of your organization and of the project.AccountabilityAt every level of the organization, people have to do more than just WANT to be accountable, they have to act “as if…” Engagement without accountability equals chaos. Jeff demonstrates ways in which we can get our people more accountable for their actions and decisions. He believes in the rule that “If you are 100% accountable for the ‘now”, there can be 0 excuses in the future”.CommunicationEngagement starts and ends with open communication. A recent New York times survey found that 78% of workers polled in diverse industries mentioned poor communication at the root of challenges with their managers, colleagues and customers. What an amazing opportunity! Jeff shares techniques to make your people more aware of their communication and to give them the tools to better themselves. Join an elite 22% nationwide who DO get it!
World renowned Customer Experience guru, Jeff Tobe takes audiences to a new plateau when it comes to making the leap from customer SERVICE to customer EXPERIENCE. In this session, based on his newest book, Jeff walks attendees through the questions (and answers) they MUST be asking their teams that will allow them to ATTRACT, KEEP and WOW customers/patients/members.In his usual, high-energy, high-participation and high-FUN style, Tobe will give attendees (no matter their organization size or profession) a ‘roadmap’ to a sustainable customer experience program that will guide them to becoming both THE EMPLOYER OF CHOICE and THE VENDOR OF CHOICE in their arena.
There is no doubt that most of us found ourselves in un-chartered territory with the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on our families, communities, businesses, and the world. The unknown can be unnerving and fear-inducing if we let it. It can also be an opportunity for heightened creative thinking, more authentic connection and courageous leadership for business, healthcare, government and association professionals. This presentation focuses on the 5 elements that leaders and prospective leaders must consider to be more effective and sensitive with our teams, our stakeholders and our customers;1) Re-consider your decision-making skills2) Accept that there’s ALWAYS more than one right answer to every challenge3) Be a relationship manager NOT a task manager4) Commit to research trends in your profession5) Engage your team at a different levelThe times, they are a-changing–constantly. Luckily, the rulebook for leading in the midst of unpredictable change remains constant. It’s all about how to motivate your team and maintain an enthusiastic focused mindset during this uncertainty. Join Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe as he presents “Leading in Turbulent Times’ in usual upbeat, high-energy style.Join Jeff to learn:• Three questions to begin a discussion about the “new normal”• The 2 questions you MUST ask your people to get ‘buy in’ to change• How to better engage your INTERNAL and EXTERNAL customer• To understand our ‘touch points’ with our team and how to better the “customer/member” experience• How to get your team motivated to take on the challenge of change
One of the common threads among world class healthcare organizations is their ability to communicate intentionally, effectively and do it empathetically. On a daily basis, we work with people who have different opinions, values, beliefs, and needs than our own. In the fast paced, healthcare word today, our ability to exchange ideas with others, understand others’ perspectives, solve problems and successfully utilize the steps and processes presented in this keynote will depend significantly on how effectively we are able to communicate with others. Effective communication is our most powerful persuasive and influential tool and is probably the best kept secret of the top healthcare organizations in the world. In his usual upbeat, entertaining and content-driven style, Certified Speaking Professional Jeff Tobe, encourages participants to gain the ‘edge’ that will take them to the next plateau as this crazy profession continues to change.• Hearing vs. Listening to our clients• Changing roles to being the “seeker of information”• Understanding the ‘filters’ through which we all receive information• Three techniques to being a better, more effective listener on the telephone or in person• How to deal with difficult internal and external ‘customers’ in healthcare• How to recognize someone’s communication ‘style’ and then communicate with them in a way iin which they WANT to be communicated • Looking at communication as a tool to achieve success

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The CX Edge: Customer Experience Questions to Help You ATTRACT, KEEP and WOW Customers

Finally, customer experience guru, Jeff Tobe has put--in writing--everything you need to know to become the VENDOR OF CHOICE and the EMPLOYER OF CHOICE in your arena! This book makes you work! Jeff poses (and ultimately answers) the questions you MUST ask your team to ATTRACT, KEEP and WOW customers. He proves that moving to a customer experience mindset can also increase your bottom line as he has done with many organizations worldwide.

Coloring Outside the Lines

"The only thing that differentiates your service or your product from any others is your creativity and innovation", says Jeff Tobe, award-winning entrepreneur and customer experience trainer. In Coloring Outside the Lines, Tobe shows that when you compete head-on in business, you are succumbing to what he calls the "But-that's-the-way-we've-always-done-it Syndrome".! When we agree to stay in the lines, we conform and we lose!Through entertaining business life-lessons in this book, Tobe reveals how to awaken the creative giant within. Tobe's examples of street-smart INNOVATION, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, LEADERSHIP and EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT insights will inspire you.

Anticipate: Knowing What Customers Need Before They Do!

Anticipate provides business readers with a practical how-to approach for taking their customer-supplier relationship to one that is more sustainable and more mutually profitable. Much of the discussion on customer experience has centered on the hospitality or retail industries and has showcased the discrete techniques organizations use to deliver better service and create more satisfied customers. Anticipate extends and integrates those techniques to deliver an end-to-end customer experience that can be applied in any industry, by any type of organization. Get proven guidance on how to design and implement a customer-focused journey that moves beyond the transaction and satisfied customers, to a relationship and culture that creates and leverages loyalty – and the profitability that comes with it. Explains proprietary methods—such as the Customer Focus Maturity Model ® and Value Chain Labs ® —that teach readers the steps and tools organizations use to create, drive and optimize their customer focus.Authors Bill Thomas and Jeff Tobe have used their 10-point framework to guide Fortune 500’s, start-ups as well as non-profits in charting a customer-focused journey that matures, anticipates and delivers increasing levels of loyalty and profitability with their customers, and across their broader value chain.Anticipate will provide you with field-proven steps, tools and examples that you’ll use to take your customer-focused strategy, execution and culture to the ideal level.

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