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Reinvention to replace Overwhelm with Optimism

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In a world that is weary and overwhelmed, Kimberly helps people refocus their strengths, cut out the clutter, and create conditions where they thrive!

Leaders and talent at all organizational levels report fundamental shifts in their mindset and performance after experiencing Kimberly. Specifically, they:
• Feel like they can get through anything; overcome any obstacle.
• Hold each other accountable to better behaviours.
• Are seen, understood, and feel less alone.

The results are improved performance and outcomes! People are equipped to show up and be their best.

Kimberly inspires even the toughest critics and is often the most remembered and talked about speaker at any event!

About Kimberly

After a dysfunctional childhood living in poverty, Kimberly became a CEO and highly regarded community leader by the age of 26 years. Two years later her employee committed major fraud, and then died by suicide. While struggling with PTSD, Kimberly rebuilt the organization into a powerhouse, only to be fired when she stood up to harassment. During the 7-year legal battle that followed, she lead an award-winning oral history project at the same time that her husband became terminally ill. She also made a political run 30 years in the making, only to finish in second place. After working with medical teams across Canada to extend her husband’s life another 7 years, he passed away on November 6, 2021.

2022 was Kimberly’s most successful year in business, at the same time that she was reeling from grief and caregiver burnout, and a little thing called a pandemic! How?

By choosing to live courageously!

Kimberly Lyall is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, and award-winning consultant whose insights about
resilience, growth, and courage inspire people to live to their greatest potential. For more than 25 years Kimberly has enthralled people around the world with her ability to take them on a journey about themselves. Her energy and connection with audiences make Kimberly a powerful presence who captivates listeners and encourages them to live courageously and fully.

Kimberly has been featured in media such as Wider Horizons, The Question is Why, and podcasts such as Between Us, Hosting Brilliance, and Chasing Success. In addition to speaking she has consulted for organizations of all sizes supporting strategic planning, organizational development, and leadership. She is a YWCA Woman of Distinction, winner of a Governor General of Canada award, recipient of the Alberta Centennial Medal and numerous honours from Lions Clubs International. Kimberly is not Indigenous, yet was honoured recently with the gift of her Blackfoot name Kómmonoi Saamiaki (Blue Paint Headdress Woman).

Programs By Kimberly Lyall – Lighting up Leaders!

What stops us from living to our potential? There are barriers everywhere, but the most brutal ones are often inside ourselves. In this extremely challenging world right now, Kimberly shares how to face our biggest barriers head on! Through unforgettable stories and examples, audiences learn how to show up and move forward no matter what’s facing them. Learning outcomes: The hard questions we all need to ask ourselves – How to use the Word No for Success – To Let go of Expectations – The Power of Choices.
In late 2021, Kimberly lost her husband of 25 years following 7 years of caregiving and medical interventions. In learning to live with grief, loss, and caregiver burnout, Kimberly developed new perspectives on how we can thrive through pain. In this post pandemic world where everyone has suffered loss and grief, having tools to move forward with purpose and peace is more important than ever! This keynote helps audiences courageously face their future. Learning outcomes: All Change involves Loss – How to become Comfortable being Uncomfortable – That to Thrive is to Grow – How Pain Inspires Strength and Gratitude.
Boundaries are critical for productivity and good mental health. Yet so many people struggle to set and maintain healthy boundaries. Kimberly has discovered that a mindset shift is the secret to success. Through personal stories and experiences, Kimberly helps conference audiences see a new way to create healthy boundaries that help them have time and space for what really matters. Audiences learn: How Past Experiences and Patterns derail Boundary setting – Why Boundaries are so important for Success and Mental Health – The 2 Key Questions to ask themselves to Create Boundaries that Work.
A scarcity mindset is usually rooted in fear. While people and organizations operating from this mindset yearn for abundance, their scarcity mindset often reinforces the same conditions that created it in the first place! To create abundance, several shifts have to happen, starting with developing the courage to engage in life differently. Asking for help can be one of the hardest actions to take, but it is also incredibly liberating! In this keynote Kimberly shares strategies on how to make the shift from scarcity to abundance, starting with her experience of reluctantly relying on a Go Fund Me Campaign. Audiences learn: What a scarcity mindset is and why it is a barrier to success – The power of fear as a motivator – How to shift to Abundance.

Kimberly Lyall – Lighting up Leaders! Speaking Video

Virtual Keynote for Fujifilm Sonosite - Setting Healthy Boundaries
Keynote for Administrative Professionals Day - Thriving through Adversity

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