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Motivational conference keynote speaker and entertainer who injects fun, humor and musical entertainment into events

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Lynn O’Dowd is a funny and engaging motivational speaker, entertainer, and professional keynote performer. She injects fun, humor and musical entertainment into conferences and events while delivering a high level of content that inspires audiences to risk new levels of passion, performance and courage.

In this refreshingly-different and audience-favorite keynote experience, Lynn combines the transformational power of heart-opening music, live guitar-playing and soul-stirring singing with engaging story-telling, personal inspiration, and an unforgettable finale (where she unleashes her “Inner Superstar” and transforms into Lady Gaga right before your eyes!).

Historically Lynn has been booked as the keynote/entertainment to inspire, motivate and lift the energy for the corporate and association markets. Lately, she’s been getting requests from event planners who want something special and different for their attendees to have fun yet take away a great message after being cooped up on zoom for the last couple years.

Lynn is typically booked as the main event or the closing keynote/entertainment to end the event/conference on a high note, and leave the audience motivated to set and achieve “Outrageous Goals™”. She ends in a Lady Gaga costume with everyone dancing and singing so it’s a great send off or energized closing to a day filled with interesting content (her keynote pulls it all together). Plus, everyone can take pictures with “Lady Gaga” at the end of the event!

Take advantage of her highly-entertaining and inspiring keynote performance to:

* Inject fun, humor and musical entertainment into your conference or meeting while delivering a high level of content.

* Inspire your audience to overcome fear, step outside of their comfort zone, and perform at levels they never thought possible.

* Re-energize your team members, so that they leave your event ready to go after their biggest goals and achieve extraordinary success for themselves and your organization.

* Help women feel ready and motivated to play a bigger game, and take on greater leadership roles.

* Elevate the energy of the room at the opening or closing of your event.

* Leave your audience singing, laughing and buzzing long after your event is over.

Programs By Lynn O’Dowd

A Transformational Program That Combines Music, Entertainment, Humor & An Awe-Inspiring Message with an Unforgettable Finale

Perfect for ELEVATING THE ENERGY of any meeting or conference, and SUPERCHARGING YOUR AUDIENCE to step out of their comfort zone, and RISK NEW LEVELS of passion, performance, and courage!

Audiences are inspired to perform at levels they never thought possible through this highly-entertaining and motivational keynote experience “Unleash Your Inner Superstar™” that combines fun, the transformational power of heart-opening music (live guitar-playing/singing), humor with engaging story-telling, personal inspiration, and a truly memorable and unforgettable finale (where Lynn unleashes her own “Inner Superstar” and transforms into Lady Gaga right before your eyes!). Lynn helps audiences overcome fear, step outside their comfort zones, and set and achieve outrageous goals.

Using her GoGaGa™ formula, the 5-step process she developed to help herself overcome fear and achieve extraordinary success, Lynn guides audiences to set their own outrageous goals and perform at levels they never thought possible. She recounts how she redefined middle age and leapt from being a successful corporate time management consultant to being the lead singer in a rock ‘n’ roll band, Amazon best-selling author and inspirational keynote speaker.

Lynn leaves audiences with no doubt that they can achieve their own outrageous goals, too. In a nutshell, she moves audiences from I CAN’T to I CAN within 60 minutes.

The common results and benefits of her keynote are standing ovations, heartfelt tears, many photos with her as “Lady Gaga”, and audience testimonials on how they transformed, followed through on their dreams, and achieved new levels of passion, performance, and courage in business and life.

* How getting a little outrageous gets outrageous results!
* Motivation to immediately act on their BIGGEST goals and dreams, even if they seem out of reach.
* Personal and professional inspiration to let go of fear and find new courage to overcome obstacles, mental barriers, inner blocks, and rejection.
* Guidance on how to use Lynn’s GoGaga™ formula to unleash THEIR “Inner Superstar” and perform at levels they never thought possible.
* The realization that it’s never too late to bust through their fears, and achieve greater success and happiness in business and life.
* Laughter, singing and heartfelt tears.

* Opening & Closing Keynotes
* Leadership & Empowerment Conferences
* Banking & Insurance Conferences
* Women’s Health & Caregiver Conferences/Events
* Professional Development,Team Building & In-Service Training Days
* Spousal Programs
* Performance Improvement Conferences & Summits
* Personal Development Conferences
* Direct Selling & Sales Meetings
* Annual Conferences & Meetings
* HR & Diversity Conferences
* Recognition & Awards Galas

Lynn O’Dowd Speaking Video

Lynn O'Dowd-Motivational Speaker & Entertainer "Comfortable - Good or Not? What’s holding you down may not be what you think."
Lynn O'Dowd-Motivational Speaker & Entertainer "What's Up With All This?"

What Clients Say About Lynn O’Dowd

Books By Lynn O’Dowd

INFLUENTIAL WOMEN Overcoming Mediocrity

#1 Best Seller Book About Living a Meaningful and Impactful Life!

I am honored to be one of 16 women featured in this inspiring book about living a meaningful and impactful life. The stories in this book are about strength, faith, and courage. They are about having the confidence to believe in ourselves, even when those we love don’t. They are about having the courage to do things that are hard, even when we may not want to. And they are about remaining resilient through all of life’s ups and downs because that is what, as women, we do brilliantly.

This book aims to inspire YOU to overcome mediocrity, step out of your comfort zone, and risk new levels of passion, performance and courage in your life and career.

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