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Marc is a customer experience expert, keynote speaker, consultant, and author of Lights! Camera! Action! With 35 years of experience in hospitality, retail, and other customer-facing industries, Marc has created unique frameworks to help organizations build lasting connections to become THE brand of choice.

Marc’s energetic, humorous, and authentic delivery makes him relatable and fun. He empowers business operators with unique tools to create jaw-dropping, show-stopping experiences their customers and employees deserve.

Marc’s podcasts, Marc Haine Live and Experience Leadership: The Small Business Podcast, have over 90,000 views world-wide.

Marc is the 2023 Community Spirit Award recipient in his local community. He is the co-founder and president of several non-profit organizations, such as: Walk the Talks, East of 60 Productions Society, and sits on the national and provincial boards of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).

During his free time (if he has any), you can find Marc tossing a mean pizza, or showing off his mad sourdough skills. If you are lucky, you might even see him on a comedy stage near you. Marc lives in the quaint town of Devon, Alberta with his beautiful wife and his menagerie of pets.

Programs By Marc Haine

Imagine if your product or service resonates so deeply with your people that it becomes an integral part of their life. Imagine if you become THE brand of choice and an innovator in your industry. Imagine if every time your customers walk through the door, you create a show-stopping, jaw-dropping experience that is designed with them in mind. What difference would that make? Lights! Camera! Action! uses the lens of live theatre to give your business a new perspective. Marc’s unique framework pulls back the curtain and puts your business on centre stage. In this humorous and interactive session, Marc uncovers a razzling, dazzling focus for your business so that you, your team, and your customers are jazzed with anticipation. This is an opportunity for you to script and ramp-up your business so you can set, stage, and perform like never before. Presentation takeaways: Lights: Define your values, set your culture, and identify your big goals Camera: Prepare your customer touchpoints and train your team to be “performance-ready” Action: Learn how to deliver outstanding service each and every single day Get ready to create a strategy that will get you and your team a standing ovation If you’re looking to create the show-stopping, jaw-dropping experience your customers and employees deserve, this presentation is for you!
Starting from the first time a person comes across your business, they will migrate through various levels of engagement during their time with you – whether they are a client or an employee. Are you doing what’s required to fulfill their needs and keep them engaged? “Onboarding” is a technique that businesses use. The challenge with current “onboarding” processes is that we invest so much when people start with us, then we close the spigot of support, and abandon our new person to fend for themselves. As a result, people begin to feel unsupported, devalued, and eventually disengaged. This leads to lower productivity, lower sales, and severed ties. In Strings Attached, you and your team will uncover how a person’s journey with you, your company, and your brand is tied together through various points of connection. Using these points of connection effectively will lead to higher engagement, retention, and loyalty. How tight are your strings to ensure the best connection? If you adopt a continual cycle of evaluation and adjustment, you will move them from prospect to newbie to dedicated ambassador. I vote that we drop the term “onboarding” and adopt a better, more reflective word like “forever-boarding.” Presentation takeaways: Unlock the 5 key milestones every person must reach to create lasting connection to your brand Untangle the driving needs and questions they have at each step of their journey Uncover why people fall into the “Pit of the Tainted,” and how you (and they) can be doomed Learn what not to do and what knot to do, creating the best, long-lasting connections Leverage “forever-boarding” as your secret tool to make people your top ambassadors… making YOU the brand of choice If you’re looking to create a path towards higher engagement, increased levels of loyalty, and a brand people will feel connected to, this presentation is for you.
Are you struggling to be seen, heard, and valued? Do you find that you’re stuck in the sea-of-sameness? What needs to change so that you shine and your uniqueness attracts those that matter the most? In this program, Marc uncovers the three components to becoming a category-of-one – that is, you become the leader of choice, the business of choice, and the employer of choice. Learn Marc’s proven formula that will put you and your business into the Golden Spotlight – that spot where your employees want to work for you, where your customers are raving fans, and you are known as the best in your industry. Program takeaways: Uncover 3 key components every business needs to get out of the sea-of-sameness and into the Golden Spotlight Give your team the tools they need to razzle dazzle your customers Learn how to not just sell what your customer want; rather, deliver a solution they need Unveil the secrets to becoming the person and business of choice If you’re ready to bridge the gap, be in the spotlight, and become the category-of-one, now and into the future, this presentation is for you.

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How Lights! Camera! Action! can serve your business
The Importance of Being of Service

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Books By Marc Haine

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!: Business Operational Excellence Through the Lens of Live Theatre

Using the lessons of live theatre to drive ownership, increase engagement, and provide a superior customer experience In Theatre, what does it take to put on an award-winning performance each and every night? It takes a focus towards operational excellence and exceeding the guest’s Experience Expectation. It means bringing teams together, unified towards a common objective, with all the resources and support in place. It means being ready for SHOWTIME! Based on his book “Lights! Camera! Action! Business Operational Excellence Through the Lens of Live Theatre”, Marc uses the lessons of live theatre to pull back the curtain on underperforming business owners, teams, and organizations and teams to deliver real-world, focus-oriented strategies to drive operational excellence. The framework delves into the foundational to the specific, and outlines practices and philosophies that leaders can script and direct to ensure they put on show-stopping experiences customers and staff deserve. Are you ready for SHOWTIME?

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