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For over 17 years, Certified Speaking Professional Michelle Cederberg has captivated audiences across North America with her empowering and humorous messages about how to set crush-worthy goals, get energized for success, and live a bigger life.

An in-demand conference keynote speaker, author, and coach she believes that personal and professional success is directly influenced by how well we harness the physical, mental and emotional capacity we each have within us. She helps people boost that capacity, so they gain clarity, build confidence, and get the discipline to create the life and career they want. And that boosts your businesses business bottom-line!

She holds a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, a specialization in Health and Exercise Psychology, is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, and a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach. She truly combines mind, body and practicality to empower change.

Michelle is the author of three books. Her newest book The Success-Energy Equation, debuted as a bestseller in October 2020.

Programs By Michelle Cederberg, CSP

In an age of disengagement, distraction and fatigue perhaps still lingering from the pandemic, how we work and live has been forever changed. You may have different goals and plans than you had at the start of it all and need to refocus. You may be experiencing a new brand of busyness and stress and need to recharge for what’s next. As we come out the other side, it’s the ideal time to check in, and determine what personal and professional success looks like for you today. In this thought-provoking session, Health and Productivity Expert and conference keynote speaker Michelle Cederberg shares research from her new book The Success-Energy Equation that will make you think, laugh and take action on your dreams. In this high-energy keynote, you will: • Get clear on your own definition of success; what really matters to you in work and life, and what drives you to do what you do? Has the pandemic changed that? • Look at typical barriers that get in the way of success, and how you can effectively navigate them (you’ll have some laughs with his one). • Discover four science-backed variables that contribute to higher levels of goal success and overall well-being and how to make them work for you. • Embrace a simple but powerful habit you must do daily to ensure on-going success with everything you do that’s important to you. What it is may surprise you. Full of hilarious stories, anecdotes and innovative strategies, you’ll leave this session with a renewed sense that it’s possible to break free from stress and drive your own success. That’s Success-Energy, and it’s a formula worth calculating. This session is based on Michelle’s book of the same title that debuted as a bestseller October, 2020.
As we come out the other side of the pandemic, work and life has been forever changed, and you may be experiencing a new brand of busyness and stress, wondering like so many others, “Is life balance even possible anymore?” As we adapt to our new world of work, it’s essential to prioritize life-balance and stress management as non-negotiables to strengthen your resilience for the journey…even if it looks different from what you once knew. Health and Productivity Expert and Professional Coach Michelle Cederberg pushes back against the common definitions of life balance and challenges you to consider a new view more aligned with the times. In this thought-provoking session, you will: • Determine what life balance looks like for you today, as we settle into a post-pandemic world of work and learn how to thrive amidst the disruption. • Explore creative ways to connect, maintain productivity, and prioritize work-life balance whether you’re working from home, or in the office. • Identify your biggest distractions and time wasters, and effectively prioritize your day to be truly focused and productive, wherever you’re working. • Develop strategies to move forward with greater clarity, workday energy, and life balance. As the world adjusts to a new way of working, attention to life balance matters more than ever. Michelle is a conference keynote speaker who uses humor and expertise to cut to the chase with methods and messages that make a difference.
To succeed in any work environment, you need high-energy, and a high-performance mindset to make it happen. It’s clear then that abundant energy is at the core of excellence in work and in life. Without this energy, your enthusiasm and output will be poor, and with more of it, your passion and productivity will soar! Conference keynote speaker Michelle Cederberg has literally written the book on living an energetic and abundant life. Over the past 20 years she has built her career as a speaker, life coach and consultant transforming how people work and live. She believes that when you’re Energized for Excellence you show up as a leader and strive for success in all you do. You take on bigger challenges, and better manage stress. You find ways to take care of your energy – mind, body and spirit – no matter what is coming at you. You feel great about yourself and your capabilities. What’s possible from there? Highlighting information from her eye-opening book Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life, this session will help you: • Get clear on what excellence means to you in your career and life, and how you can take it to the next level. • Discover ways to strengthen your mental focus, emotional energy and day-to-day prioritization to be a stand-out in all you do. • Commit to physical health as a foundation for personal and professional growth and learn why it’s the key to excellence. • Embrace a path to excellence that includes career success without compromise. In an time where most of us feel overworked and under-valued, this session will educate, inspire and get you energized for excellence.
It’s estimated that stress-related absences cost North American employers in excess of $300 billion each year. High stress in workers leads to a litany of workplace challenges including increased absenteeism, health claims, short and long-term disability and workplace accidents. Additionally, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death, and more than 75 percent of all physician office visits begin with stress-related ailments and complaints. It seems that stress left unchecked is a statistical dead end, but with the right information and a bit of focused action, you can fight back. Join Health and Productivity Expert Michelle Cederberg as she presents her viewpoints on the physical impact of stress on the body and mind, why it’s a bigger problem than many think it is (especially these days), and what you can do to move from stress to success. This session will help you: • Understand the physical impact that stress has on your body, mind and long-term health, and learn how to recognize the subtle (and not so subtle) signs of increasing stress. • Learn the difference between acute, chronic and pervasive stress, and the surprising (and simple) tactic that will help you avoid burnout. • Discover how stress affects your day-to-day cognition and productivity, and learn ways to stay focused and alert as you figure out the new world of work. • Find ways to prioritize simple stress management practices that can strengthen well-being and health even in the most stressful situations. Stress may be an inevitable part of life but fighting back is up to you! This session will provide small-steps strategies for improved stress management and health, and Michelle is the conference keynote speaker to deliver on the topic.
In an era of 24/7-connectedness and ‘nose to the grind-stone’ ideologies, multitasking has become something of a workplace badge of honour. In fact, it’s often heralded as a ‘work skill’ in interviews and on resumes. But is it really? And the pandemic only added to our overwhelm because of online and hybrid options that have stuck around. With the addition of technology and reduction of boundaries between work and life, we’re more distracted than ever, and it means that multitasking feels more like a necessity than a choice. How else will we get it all done? The truth is that multitasking doesn’t make us more productive; in fact, the exact opposite is true, and you need a conference keynote speaker who will cut through the research and explain why with energy and engagement. In this eye-opening session, you will: • Explore the signs of ‘auto-pilot living’, why it happens, and how to get off it. • Look at how multitasking impacts productivity, what’s happening in your brain when you take on too much, and how it hinders learning and memory. • Discuss simple strategies to push aside distractions and be more mindful and focused when it matters most. With the pace of life picking up, and technology continuing to operate as a mainstay in every aspect of our lives, focus and mindfulness matter now more than ever. This session will show you the way.

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Books By Michelle Cederberg, CSP

The Success-Energy Equation: How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life, and Really Get Sh!t Done

In her new book, Success-Energy Equation: How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life + Really Get Sh!t Done, Michelle Cederberg has distilled scientific and psychological insight into how we can get our pre-pandemic mojo back, level up our energy, and experience more success in our lives. She teaches that, by using the wisdom of science and your innate common sense, you can combat modern stress and tap into a well of energy that will fuel every area of your life. She shows you how slowing down and listening to your body can help you work better, and how a focus on health and energy management will sustain your efforts in all you do.Though she started the book before COVID-19, Michelle knows it applies to many people who have been dramatically impacted by the pandemic. “People have a sense that things are beyond their control now, ” says Cederberg. “But so much is in your control. The book provides pragmatic tools and steps for all of us who are struggling in this tech-driven, energy-drained, distracted world.” Cederberg’s Success-Energy Equation inspires readers to make small changes that lead to higher levels of energy, health, and success.

Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life

Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life! is an inspirational guidebook to energy, health, and a recharged life. Whether you’re a busy executive or a busy mom — if you’re tired, retired, or uninspired — you will benefit from the information provided by dynamic health and motivation expert Michelle Cederberg. This change-provoking book provides small-steps advice to help you prioritize essential energy creating self-care practices you didn’t think you had time for. You will:• Learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle, stress management, and time for leisure, and how to find success through small steps.• Come to understand that health change and an energized life is possible even with your busy schedule.• Recognize what has been getting in the way of your progress.• Understand that doing in small steps is better than thinking big.• Learn to prioritize three essential physical health behaviors every day.• Be reminded of energizing mind, body, and spirit practices you can’t live without.• Discover countless energy producing tips you can integrate into every day.• Begin on your path to increased personal energy, day-to-day productivity, and overall life fulfillment.Each chapter closes with at-a-glance energy generating tips about the chapter subject so youhave a quick reference and lots of good ideas that take only moments to implement.

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