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Confidence Expert, 2021 Canadian Presenter of the Year - 12x No.1 Bestselling Author - Confidence to Ignite Performance and Thrive Through Change

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“Hey, you look terrible in these jeans!” “What? You are asking for a raise? It’s never gonna work, you’re not good enough!” We don’t talk to people like this, but we talk to ourself like that. We trash talk ourselves all the time! Too many people are held back by a lack of confidence. Imposter syndrome, anxiety and panic when facing change are affecting the organization’s bottom line. Nathalie works with organizations who want to instil Confidence and Focus in their team to improve workplace performance and collaboration, especially in times of change. Recipient of the 2021 Canadian Presenter of the Year Award, she is international No.1 Bestselling Author of eighteen books on success, communication, wellness and empowerment. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering keynotes and trainings, leading-edge online courses, laser-focus business strategy and one-on-one transformation coaching.

Along the past 30 years, she has inspired over 100,000 audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally to get rid of their negative self-talk. She combines over 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years of experience in sales and over 30 years of distinguished service in the fitness industry. She is on the national board of directors of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and recently received the 2022 President’s Award.

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“If you don’t learn to control your emotions, your emotions will control you!”Studies reveal that 85% of people suffer from a lack of self-confidence, while 70% admit to experiencing imposter syndrome at work. This draining negative self-talk leads to procrastination, creates unnecessary stress, and wastes valuable time and energy. Negative self-talk also creates resistance to change as employees struggle with uncertainty and convince themselves they can’t learn new skills or adapt to the changes facing them. A lack of self-confidence can lead to toxic work environments, demotivated employees, and unnecessarily high employee turnover rates. A lack of focus leads to excessive “squirrel brain” at work – contributing to even more stress and creating an enormous drain on productivity. Conversely, when employees learn to be more confident and focus their thoughts, they will be happier, more innovative, and far more productive. They’ll communicate with greater confidence and clarity. They’ll experience far less stress. And they’ll be more likely to step up as a leader on their teams. And when your employees gain more confidence and focus, the impact will be felt throughout your team, and ultimately, your entire organization! Nathalie’s THINK Yourself® CONFIDENT keynote is engaging, fun and informative. Whether it’s frontline employees facing disruption, salespeople struggling with how to handle rejection, or first-time supervisors needing a dose of confidence to step into their new roles, the proven system Nathalie shared in her 8 International No.1 Bestsellers will help your team perform at their fullest potential!KEY MESSAGES: • Brain Basics: What neuroscience teaches us about harnessing the power of our brains to unlock our potential and improve performance.• The Power of Positivity: Learn an effective tool that will help employees stay motivated and feel more positive – even during challenging times! • Responding vs. Reacting: Discover a simple but effective technique that will help your employees choose a healthier response in the face of a conflict or stressful event. • Nixing Negative Self-Talk: Learn a two-step technique that transforms negative self-talk into energizing positive talk.• Working on Purpose: Work has an enormous impact on our lives and a sense of purpose is the #1 motivational influence at work! How focusing on purpose helps employees overcome obstacles and remain energized. • Leading for a Change: Ideas to help employees be more resilient while embracing change instead of running away from change! • Collaborative Confidence: Research shows that when just one employee underperforms, the entire team’s performance suffers. Conversely, creating more confident employees leads to vastly improved team and company-wide results! • Turning Ideas into Action: Leveraging the power of an accountability partner to make sure the strategies and ideas last!
People don’t leave their job. they leave the boss they don’t respect or the co-worker that drives them nuts!Demotivated employees and high employee turnover rates are extremely costly. Presenteeism, where employees show up at work, but not to work, is also a huge, often overlooked, financial drain. Strong interpersonal relationships are critical for a healthier, happier, and ultimately more profitable business. Equipping your team with tools to recognize their own personality style and to learn what motivates them will create a more positive workplace environment that focuses on their strengths. Using the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personal Assessment Tool, this workshop helps participants to learn more about themselves – leading to better communication skills and stronger interpersonal relationship. Teaching your employees how to recognize their own style along with the style of their co-workers, subordinates, and superiors, will give them a better understanding of the differences between personality types.Giving them tools to communicate effectively with each style will ensure everyone feels heard and appreciated, creating an environment of respect, camaraderie, and collaboration. Making sure they can communicate effectively within and outside the organization will foster an environment that reduces your employee turnover and absenteeism rates and allow for a workplace where people truly enjoy spending five days a week. Yes, going to work really can be FUN!Key Messages:• Leveraging Differences: Discover the 4 personality styles using the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personality Assessment Tool and tap into the strengths of the Leader, the Influencer, the Supporter, and the Thinker. • The 6 Levels of Success: Understand the 6 key levels of a person’s self that need to be addressed to implement positive change. • Busting Silos: How to create an environment that promotes more collaboration and camaraderie.• Say What? Learn specific language that will help everyone communicate better with each style. • Shifting from Conflict to Cooperation. Improve your employees’ listening skills so that everyone feels truly heard and appreciated. Learn what buttons to not press with each style to avoid or resolve conflicts and manage difficult conversations. • Keeping Your Employees: Increase employee retention & improve team dynamics by identifying limiting beliefs, reframing those beliefs, and understanding what values matter to each style.• Trust Me! Create a psychologically safe space for more open and honest interaction between each style by understanding who employees are as individuals. Increased trust and respect happen when employees see each other as people beyond their titles or ranks in the company.• Working on Purpose. Learn your employees’ internal drivers and what motivates them to come to work every day and how to inspire them to give their best.
Whether they belong to the marketing, accounting, production or sales department, everyone in your organization is involved in selling. You can have the best product or offer the most outstanding services, but if you don’t know how to sell them, your business is not going to survive. Have you ever heard:“Selling is difficult and daunting.” Or:“Selling makes me feel pushy.”Certain sales techniques work with certain people but not with everyone. This workshop teaches your team how to use the STYLE-L.I.S.T. personal assessment tool to identify the personality style of their prospective buyer. Knowing the buyer’s style helps them adapt their communication and sales strategy to match their style, create a better rapport, understand their needs better, and understand what drives them to purchase. It can ultimately help you position your entire company as the solution to their specific problem.Discover how adding four dimensions to the way your employees sell your products and services will generate a higher sales conversion rate, skyrocket your customer’s satisfaction scores, and dramatically increase your client retention and referral rates. They will leave the workshop with easy-to-apply skills, a revamped understanding of their relationship with money, and a new mindset about the way they see themselves as Sales Pros.Key Messages:• Understanding Your Buyers: Discover the four buyer personality styles using the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personality Assessment Tool: The Leader, the Influencer, the Supporter and the Thinker. • The 6 Levels of Success: Understand the 6 levels of a person’s self that need to be addressed to build trust and a successful relationship that ultimately leads to a sale. • Finding Customers: Identify your key networking and lead-generation opportunities.• Follow-Up, Follow Through: Learn specific behaviors to: Systemize the sales process and ensure a constant stream of new leads, follow-up with on-going leads, and retain customers for life. • Sales is Listening: Improve your employees’ listening skills so that clients feel heard and appreciated. Adopting a solving, partnership mindset, instead of a “selling mindset” makes a huge difference from the buyers’ perspective. • Mindsets of the Sales Pro: Transform limiting beliefs about sales that can result in people thinking that selling is overly daunting or that makes them feel pushy. Understanding what is important for each style of buyer will increase the probability of closing any sale. • Sales is About Trust: Understand who your client is in order to build a trusting relationship.• Sales Motivation: Understanding your clients’ motivation will ensure your sales team emphasizes the benefits most relevant to the client.
“To lead is not to tell people what to do. To lead is to teach others how to find out for themselves.”To motivate and inspire action from your employees, you need to understand where the switches are to the “lightbulbs” that will inspire and ignite your employees. Learning what drives team members and how to communicate effectively with each personality style on their team will help your leaders lead more effectively, with far greater confidence. Encouraging leaders to adopt a “coaching mindset” will create a more collaborative and productive team environment. Learning to use inclusive language will equip your leaders with tools to help them manage conflicts, have difficult conversations, build trust, and break down “silos” at work where employees are working in their own fiefdoms! In a constantly changing reality, learning strategies for dealing with powerful emotions (such as fear of the unknown) will empower leaders to instill confidence in their team so employees become more receptive to change. KEY MESSAGES:• Understanding Your Employees Better: Discover the four personality styles using the STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personality Assessment Tool and understand the STYLE of the Leader, the Influencer, the Supporter, and the Thinker. • The 6 Levels of Leadership: Understand the 6 levels of a person’s self that build trusting relationships within your team. • Take Me to Your Leader: How to create an environment that promotes accessibility and openness.• Communication is Everything: Learn specific language that will help you better communicate with employees.• From Conflict to Cooperation: Increase your leaders’ listening skills so that their team members feel truly heard and appreciated. Learn what buttons not to press to avoid or resolve conflicts and manage difficult conversations. • Keeping Your Employees: Increase employee retention & improve team dynamics by identifying limiting beliefs and understanding what values matter to each style.• Trust Me! Create a psychologically safe space for more open and honest interactions. Increased trust and respect happen when employees see each other as people beyond their titles or ranks in the company.• Working on Purpose. Learn your employees’ internal drivers and what motivates them to come to work every day and how to inspire them to give their best.
Employees who eat healthy are 25% more likely to perform better at workA growing body of literature underscores the connection between health and productivity. According to research, employees who eat healthy are 25% more likely to perform better at work, while employees who exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes are 15% more likely to perform better at work. Healthy employees have greater physical energy and mental acuity, take fewer sick days, and are more likely to remain longer in their jobs. Healthy employees recover from illnesses sooner and are at a lower risk of succumbing to a long-term debilitating illness. Study after study makes it clear: Investing in your employees’ health and fitness saves companies enormous amounts of unnecessary costs making it well worth the financial investment. Plus, it’s the right thing to do! Most of your employees probably know what they need to do to stay healthy, but too often they find excuses like: “I have no willpower!” or “I’m too busy!”. This presentation will equip your employees with concrete strategies that will help them overcome those excuses and negative self-talk – simple and effective strategies they can apply in their everyday life. The THINK Yourself® HEALTHY workshop provides keys to live a vibrant life. We’ll start with a quiz on myths and truths about health and fitness, including: How to prepare weekly meal schedules for optimal eating, what to eat before and after a workout, how to talk yourself into exercising OR out of giving up, how to transform limiting-beliefs about health, and how to create habits that lead to permanent results. KEY MESSAGES:• Why Health Matters: A fun quiz covering some of the myths about health that will help participants understand the many benefits of health and how willpower comes from within. • The 6 Levels of Health: Discover the 6 levels of a person’s self that will help them live a more vibrant life.• Creating a Healthy Environment: Learn 4 keys to creating an environment that promotes better health.• Behave Yourself! 6 key behaviors to adopt for a healthier daily lifestyle.• Healthy Skills: 4 skills anyone can learn that will take their health to the next level.• Healthy Beliefs: Transform 6 common limiting-beliefs that can hold your employees back when it comes to their health. • Creating a Healthier Identity: 3 common identity anchors that weigh people down. • Being Healthy on Purpose: How connecting your health goals to a greater sense of purpose will keep you motivated and inspire those around you.

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“It’s never going to work. You’re not good enough!” Are you tired of hearing that nagging voice inside your head? And what if you could do something about it? Do you have a dream or a project that’s been on the back burner for too long? Even with all your accomplishments, do you still doubt yourself sometimes? Statistics show that 85% of people suffer from a lack of self-confidence in at least one area of their lives. Draining negative self-talk creates procrastination, stress, anxiety, and burnout. People know what they want or need to do, and yet they do the reverse—they resist change and can’t adapt to the fast world we live in. That makes them feel powerless, frustrated, and insecure. In a work environment, this can lead to a demotivated and unhappy team, low overall performance and a high employee turnover rate. With the layers of stress people are already buried under, important decisions are clouded by emotions or limiting beliefs, instead of being based on skills and experience. Bottom line: whether on a personal or professional level, most people admit to not working—or living—at their full potential. Through Nathalie’s D.N.A. System, you will discover 15 proven Keys to Confidence, real-life, simple skills and strategies to transform your inner thoughts and beliefs into a serving force that will empower you to be your best. Get ready to ignite performance and get the tools you need to THINK Yourself® CONFIDENT.


Your personal and professional relationships are directly connected to personality styles. Do you identify yourself as being a certain personality type? Are you convinced that your personality traits are set in stone? Do you sometimes wish you reacted to things or people differently? Why do we get along so well with some people and not others? The STYLIST-L.I.S.T. personal assessment tool you will discover in this book will allow you to know and understand yourself better, improve yourself, master communication, collaborate, influence, lead, sell, connect, and generally just get along better with the people around you. You may see yourself as always having been a certain way with certain personality traits, but that does not mean you cannot change. This book will help show you how. Knowing your own profile and dominating style will help you better understand why you interact with some people easier than with others. Having this insight into your personality profile will also help you tailor your communication style and your behaviour to the people around you. You will be more successful in relating to and adapting to those with whom you interact and work. The four STYLE-L.I.S.T. profiles you will discover in this book follow the way your brain is wired. This is what makes the STYLE-L.I.S.T. unique. We explain each profile to you, following a specific pattern that your brain will recognize. Each layer of the brain needs to be addressed in order to reprogram it and to create transformational results. This book will teach you how to use your personality style and that of others in order to become a Relationship Pro.


You just ate a cookie. Oops. You may as well eat the whole jar now, right? Your day is ‘ruined’ anyways. It is so fascinating how our brain makes up non-sense stories sometimes. Just like you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, all the tips in the world will be useless, unless you decide to do something with them. Your brain needs to be on board. The 27 simple, practical tips are presented to you in this book in a specific way, which will help you program each layer of your brain. Instead of creating non-sense stories, you will feel driven to doing what you know you should be doing instead of giving in to self-sabotage. You will learn how to set up your environment, what to do, what skills to become good at, what beliefs to adopt, what to include as part of your identity and how to use the reason why you want to be healthy to serve you. The 27 tips will guide you through setting up your mindset in a way that will give you transformational results.

Cracking the Rich Code

When I started speaking on confidence in 2007, it was not a hot topic. Fortunately today, mindset and confidence are now recognized to be mandatory for any type of success. For example, I was contacted by Kevin Harrington, Star of the Hit TV Show SHARK TANK and Jim Britt, named as one of the world’s Top 20 Success Strategists and Top 50 Speaker to write a chapter on mindset and confidence in their book. Our book is endorsed by Robbins, NY Times #1 Best Selling Author, Philanthropist, and the World’s #1 Life and Business Strategist. As you have guessed it, highly successful people in the major leagues now recognize that mindset and confidence are crucial in life.

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