Randall Craig, CFA, FCMC, CSP, HoF

Business Growth, Marketing Strategy, Thought Leadership (Author of 8 books, Hall of Fame Speaker, CEO Advisor)

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Randall Craig is a Hall of Fame business speaker who has founded several successful start-ups, held a long-time position at a “big-four” consulting firm, and was a senior executive at an American public company.  He has helped over 100 organizations rethink their approach to marketing, growth – and build better relationships – using his unique frameworks and experience.  He is currently CEO of Pinetree Advisors, where he advises leaders on scaling their business, and leads the Braintrust Professional Institute..

Randall has written 600+ articles, eight books, and hosts the “So Here’s Your Challenge” podcast.  He has taught at numerous executive education programs, delivered hundreds of presentations, and frequently appears as an expert in the media.

He serves on both corporate and not-for-profit boards, and he has earned an FCMC, CFA, MBA, CSP, and a Black Belt in Karate. Randall has also been inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.

Programs By Randall Craig, CFA, FCMC, CSP, HoF

While most people work hard at becoming trusted advisors, becoming a “thought leader” is far more difficult – and in today’s world, more strategic than ever. Based on the research in his books, Randall will share some of the newest thinking on how to use content, digital, and marketing automation to build your business – and practical tips on how to get started.
“I’m a Trusted Advisor” is on the lips of just about everyone. But is it 100% true, in the minds of 100% your clients, 100% of the time? (Not usually!) It’s clear why this is important: there are many who are experts, and there are many who may be cheaper, but the fundamental differentiator will always be trust. Every touchpoint either strengthens or weakens it, as does each marketing decision you make. Supplier? Vendor? Advisor? Forget it! In this presentation, Randall shares new models on becoming a Trusted Advisor, along with specific and practical examples of how to start.
Yes, you’ve figured out the web, social media, mobile, and you’ve gotten through COVID, but is Generative AI (ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, Stable Diffusion, etc) truly a game-changer? Can it provide strategic competitive advantage, or is it just another tactic that can improve productivity? How can AI be embedded within your organization, beyond marketing and content generation? And most importantly, how can you avoid the “dark side” and protect against high-risk activities, IP theft, and public embarrassment? Randall provides practical and timely insight into the promise of AI, the practical realities, and what organizations should do today to position themselves for success.
Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your marketing and engagement strategy hasn’t kept up with the disruption all around us? That the best thinking that led to your past success may not be the best thinking going forward? Yes, you’ve figured out the web, social media, mobile, and you’ve gotten through COVID, but has your underlying strategy and your underlying marketing framework really changed? In this presentation, Randall challenges the “1960’s marketing plan” conventional wisdom, and shares a very different (and practical) approach to growth and engagement.
Does anyone really feel comfortable networking… especially when so much of it seems to be virtual? A key benefit of attending a meeting, conference or convention is to develop relationships, yet the vast majority of attendees report that this is a skill they are not “good at”. And now that so many meetings and conferences are virtual, it is even worse. This presentation is designed to give people practical networking skills that they can begin using immediately – whether it be “live in person”, or in a virtual setting.

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Books By Randall Craig, CFA, FCMC, CSP, HoF

The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business

This 300-page book provides comprehensive strategies and tactics for building an online business. From business planning, to marketing – real and online – to SEO, social media, conversion, CRM integration, and more.

Digital Transformation for Associations, 2nd Edition

New technology, new member expectations, and tough economics. From journey-mapping to marketing automation: competing in the marketplace of ideas.

Social Media for Business – 101 Ways to Grow your Business without wasting your time:

Specific strategies and tactics that focus on building business. In addition to marketing and PR, it addresses recruiting, risk management, cost, ROI, and other key business issues. Managers will learn how to save time and develop a weekly checklist of social media priorities, attract the right job candidates, and help improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Little known fact: this book actually provides 157 ways to grow your business, not 101 as it states on the cover.

Personal Balance Sheet

The book describes some of the concepts from my digital strategy presentations (eg Price/Expertise/Trust model, Give to Get, etc), but it is more focused on real-world networking in the context of personal or business success. Forty years, 10,000 days, 80,000 hours. Measure it any way you like, but this is about the length of your working career. With so much time of your life working, why not invest some time planning it in an organized, strategic manner?

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